About Callie Watkins Liu, PhD


Dr. Callie Watkins Liu, an intersectional and critical race scholar-activist, dedicated to research and collaborations that prioritize social justice and center the socially vulnerable. Her expertise in social movements, social policy, urban planning, global development (especially Latin America and Africa), conflict resolution and social psychology equip her to navigate between theory and lived experiences; understand social problems, and identify interventions. Dr. Watkins Liu’s work challenges power inequities and supports social justice oriented systems, structures and practices.


As a social policy PhD and urban planner Dr. Watkins Liu is acutely aware of how the environment, and formal and informal social systems impact life chances and quality of life, especially for vulnerable populations. She uses critical analysis of society, social problems and their implications to identify social justice oriented interventions at cultural, organizational, policy and practice levels. She uses theories such as Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality to advance her work in theoretical and practical ways. Areas of expertise include: organizational theory for social movements, anti-racism, higher ed, non-profit and community organizations. Click here to see some of her publications.

Community Engaged Work

Dr. Callie Watkins Liu has been active in Boston in varying capacities over the past 20 years. She possess valuable community engagement experience and consensus building skills from working in international and Boston based community organizations. The core of her community engagement has been around: organizational dynamics, racial justice, housing justice, social movement building, community organizing and community building.

Consulting Services

Dr. Callie infuses an anti-racist and social movement perspective into areas of – research, organizational dynamics, evaluations, pedagogy and community engagement. Consulting services have ranged from conducting a workshop, to assessing work processes, to providing guidance on projects, and facilitating conversations about social justice, race and anti-oppression. She is especially dedicated to supporting the growth and development of social movement organizations led by people of color, and looks forward to collaborations that enhance their strategy and capacity.